SERIES Finale Party Pics...

Hey everyone! I've officially had my last LOST Finale Party sad! While we process what exactly happened in the finale, check out some pictures of the festivities...some amazing costumes again!

Check out all the pictures here.

PART THREE is here...All is revealed!

This is it folks...the beginning of the end! PART THREE of the final video is complete. If you've yet to see PART TWO: click here or PART ONE: click here.

For those that need a refresher, PART TWO ended with Dr. Gemelo leading me through the jungle to the GEM, where I found Mike in the act of killing my Bad Twin. Just as our reunion commences, Mike sedates me with a poison, on someone's orders. As I collapse to the floor, two shots ring out, killing Mike. Right before I faint, the identity of the shooter and the one behind all of this is's SCOTT!

Enjoy the conclusion to what has been an epic undertaking. I want to take a second to thank everyone that helped me with this enormous project. Whether it was by holding the boom mic, sitting tied in a chair for a photograph, chasing me through the jungles of Costa Rica, reading horrible lines I'd written, helping apply makeup or helping film, I appreciate each and every person's help along the way. It means more to me than you can ever imagine.

On with THE END: Since I uploaded them to YouTube, I had to break PART THREE into a couple chunks, so make sure you check each part out by clicking the images below:


PART TWO of the Final Finale Video Launches!

PART TWO of the final video is complete. If you've yet to see PART ONE, click here.

PART ONE ended with the Smoke Monster dragging me away, while on the other side of the island, my Bad Twin had captured Mike and my dad at gunpoint...

Since I uploaded them to YouTube, I had to break PART TWO into a couple chunks, so make sure you check each part out by clicking the images below:

PART THREE will wrap everything up, so stay tuned!!!

PART ONE of the Final Finale Video Is Here!

As the final season of LOST premieres tomorrow, I thought I'd have a little premiere of my own today! I've put the finishing touches on PART ONE of this year's video. PART TWO & PART THREE will be released in the coming months leading up to the party...

Since I uploaded them to YouTube, I had to break PART ONE into a few chunks, so make sure you check each part out by clicking the images below:


My Dharma Shark Shirt...

A shirt I designed featuring the Dharma Shark and classic LOST props he's eaten throughout the years is now available on CafePress. Thanks to Whitney at PopCandy for posting a story about the shirt here

If you're interested in buying a shirt, I've put it on several different styles/prices of shirts at:

I Was Interviewed By Entertainment Weekly...

This is pretty insane...Jeff (Doc) Jensen writes awesome LOST articles for Entertainment Weekly all the time. A while back, I sent him some photos of my parties as well as a link to my most recent teaser trailer for this year's video.

He wrote back saying he's interviewing die-hard LOST fans and wanted to know if I wouldn't mind answering a few questions. Crazy!


Continuing our periodic profiles in crazy Lost obsession, meet Matt Roeser, a 26-year-old senior graphic designer (employer: Atomicdust) from St. Louis. Roeser's love for Lost inspires him to spendmanymanymany months planning, prepping, and executing elaborate Lost-inspired videos that serve as invitations to his equally elaborate Lost season finale viewing parties. Last year, Matt even created an Internet alternate reality game as part of the invitation. (And you think I have too much time on my hands?!) You can check out Matt's blog, which he began to archive his work. Matt's already working on the invitation for his series finale hootenanny. He's even made a teaser video for it — his version of a ''save-the-date notice.''
I recently asked Matt some questions. He was kind enough to give me some answers.
DOC JENSEN: You throw awesome Lostparties — which one has been your favorite?
The season 5 finale party. Since the show was jumping around in time, I themed the party in the same way: guests would experience elements of all the previous finale parties I'd done. I had the hatch and jungle from the season 2 party in the living room and dining room, the Others' house from season 3 in the kitchen, the find-the-Island theme from season 4 in the bathroom. And to reflect season 5, I turned my basement into the Lamp Post, complete with computer, chalkboard, flipchart clock and swinging pendulum.
Read more of the interview here...

My LOST Party in the Comic Con panel...

This is so excitingly cool...

They used some of my LOST finale party stuff in the fan-appreciation section of the 2009 Comic-Con Panel...

It's mixed in with some other fan stuff, so keep your eyes open for: Scott as Patchy, the projector/orientation video playing in the "hatch", Katie as the statue, Alan as Doc Ray, Carrie as Tricia Tanaka, me talking about the key to a stellar party, the Lamp Post, the Dharma cake and my Frozen Donkey Wheel in action...

Thanks Noreen!!!

Season 5 Finale Party

The Invitation

The idea of a teaser video invite definitely got out of control this year. Whereas for Season 3 & 4, the videos were about a minute long, this year's invite was an epic 8 minute 2-parter. It picks up right where last year's left off with me getting drugged and kidnapped by what appears to be my Bad Twin. (If you haven't seen Season 4's video, you can here).

In addition to the video, to generate excitement before the video's release, I created a little ARG of my own, presenting an Evidence Database of the FBI's ongoing investigation from my kidnapping (from the previous year) and the incidents portrayed in the videos to come. It can be viewed here.

Broken into 2 parts, the Season 5 finale party teaser videos can be found by clicking the photo links below:

And be sure to check out the hidden Easter Eggs and screencaps in the next post down for even more insanity...

The Setup

The theme this year was time jumping.

Just as the LOSTIES were jumping through time, so were the guests at the party, as each of the rooms was decorated in a theme from a previous year's finale party (jungle and hatch from the Season 2 party, the Other's house book club meeting from the Season 3 party, searching for the island from the Season 4 party) and also a party theme that hadn't happened yet: the Lamp Post. In the basement, I recreated this Dharma station complete with a swinging pendulum, chalkboard, computer, flip chart and more.

It would have been the perfect year to go as Ms. Hawking (if I hadn't already gone as her for the Season 3 party). Since time travel played such a role in the season, I decided to dress as the Frozen Donkey Wheel, off its axis, of course, complete with pulsating green light, dry ice fog effect and a little speaker that played the wheel noise...


Like always, there were great costumes, food, and trivia prizes! Some of the prizes this year included a Dharma failsafe key, Geronimo Jackson and Ajira Airways shirts, a mini Dharma van, replica of Daniel's journal and more. Click here to see photos of the party.

Next Year

The finale was an amazing end to an amazing season (maybe even my favorite!) and I can't wait to see what the hell's going to happen in the final season. In the meantime, I'm working hard on the script for the last ever finale party teaser video, which I think is going to be a 3-parter (officially insane).