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This is pretty insane...Jeff (Doc) Jensen writes awesome LOST articles for Entertainment Weekly all the time. A while back, I sent him some photos of my parties as well as a link to my most recent teaser trailer for this year's video.

He wrote back saying he's interviewing die-hard LOST fans and wanted to know if I wouldn't mind answering a few questions. Crazy!


Continuing our periodic profiles in crazy Lost obsession, meet Matt Roeser, a 26-year-old senior graphic designer (employer: Atomicdust) from St. Louis. Roeser's love for Lost inspires him to spendmanymanymany months planning, prepping, and executing elaborate Lost-inspired videos that serve as invitations to his equally elaborate Lost season finale viewing parties. Last year, Matt even created an Internet alternate reality game as part of the invitation. (And you think I have too much time on my hands?!) You can check out Matt's blog, which he began to archive his work. Matt's already working on the invitation for his series finale hootenanny. He's even made a teaser video for it — his version of a ''save-the-date notice.''
I recently asked Matt some questions. He was kind enough to give me some answers.
DOC JENSEN: You throw awesome Lostparties — which one has been your favorite?
The season 5 finale party. Since the show was jumping around in time, I themed the party in the same way: guests would experience elements of all the previous finale parties I'd done. I had the hatch and jungle from the season 2 party in the living room and dining room, the Others' house from season 3 in the kitchen, the find-the-Island theme from season 4 in the bathroom. And to reflect season 5, I turned my basement into the Lamp Post, complete with computer, chalkboard, flipchart clock and swinging pendulum.
Read more of the interview here...

Your videos are pretty elaborate. How much time does it take to produce one? Which video was the most tricky/elaborate and why?
What started out as a one-minute parody of Juliet's season 3 cue card message to Jack has grown completely out of control with the videos getting more crazy each year. Season 4's mimicked the ''Find 815'' commercial, ending with me being chloroformed by my ''Bad Twin.'' So for season 5, I thought, ''What happens next?'' This resulted in an eight-minute two-parter picking up where the previous one left off. For the final season, I'm about halfway through filming and editing, with still a lot more to do, but it's most likely going to be a 30-minute three-parter. It's definitely the most elaborate one yet. I recently went on vacation to Costa Rica and couldn't help but take advantage of the Lost-like tropical location for a few scenes. My family and friends are very good about putting up with my insanity, whether they have a role in the movie or end up having to hold the boom mike, they totally rock.
Which episode of Lost made you go, ''Yep. I'm obsessed.''
The pilot was awesome, but like most fans, ''Walkabout'' blew my mind and confirmed to me that this wasn't going to be just any old TV show.
What character do you relate to the most and why?
Amelia, that old woman that visits Juliet in the season 3 premiere. (Just kidding.) Maybe Desmond, when he's spouting his future-seeing visions to Charlie and Hurley — because I definitely say a lot of things that result in people giving me weird looks.
What's the craziest thing you've done in expressing Lost fandom?
Oh man, I think family and friends would debate over what's the craziest. My Ms. Hawking costume for the season 3 party was certainly up there. Or the Frozen Donkey wheel from season 5's party, which I insisted on having pulsing lights, sound effects, and dry ice for fog. But I think all of this will probably be topped by the things I've done for the upcoming final video. Whether it's filming on an airplane or running through the rain forest in Costa Rica, the final video will be a testament to the levels of insanity I am possible of. The craziest thing I didn't get to do: If I would have had my way, I would have rigged my basement to flood like the Hydra for the season 3 finale party, but it didn't happen.
DOC JENSEN: Are you PRO time line reboot or ANTI time line reboot?
I'm PRO reboot as long as it comes with some sort of twist where all of the information and experiences from the past five seasons that the characters have gone through aren't rendered meaningless. They addressed this at Comic-Con with Hurley asking Damon and Carlton if a reboot would be cheating, and they said ''Trust us.'' So that's what I'm going to do.
In 25 words or less: Explain the true significance of Jacob and Man In Black.
Hmmm, I think it goes back to what Locke said to Walt when discussing Backgammon: There are two players. One side is light, and one side is dark.
In 25 words or less, answer this question: What is Lost?
I'm calling it now: Lost is the single greatest entertainment experience that I will encounter in my lifetime.
What will you miss most about Lost when it wraps up next May?
What I'll miss most is the look of surprise and ''I can't believe this is happening'' expressions from my party guests when they watch the videos and come to the finale parties. It's definitely my favorite day of the year, so having no more finale parties to plan will take a little getting used to. On the bright side, my basement won't resemble a studio back lot anymore. Maybe.
You can view the entire article here, where Jeff poses some pretty cool theories as to what he thinks will happen in the final season.

Thanks Jeff!

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